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A Korean traditional martial art whose history dates back many centuries, Soo Bahk Do was founded by Hwang Kee.

Soo Bahk Do

Spotsylvania Karate Soo Bahk Do is certified by the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation with certified instructors to bring you the highest quality instruction. Joining the Federation offers each student membership in the worldwide Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.

Dan Shim Sa Candidates 10_12_19

We follow the traditions of discipline and courage to teach self-confidence, honor, and respect. Our traditions are visible in hard working people of high spirits who lead the way.


At Spotsylvania Karate Soo Bahk Do, we emphasize continual improvement of technique within our values to strengthen our identity as well.


Soo Bahk Do is a philosophy based martial art that teaches defense and doing the right thing. Our philosophy guides our intent toward the good. To practice martial arts without such a philosophy is creating more dangerous people in the world. Our philosophy is to create mature persons free from inner conflict who deal with the world in an intelligent, forthright, and virtuous manner.


Soo Bahk Do begins with the discipline of self and respect for all people. Discipline and respect are the foundation for all human relations. Discipline and respect combine as a foundation for our action philosophy which is seen in helping and caring for others through kindness and dependability.


Children value themselves to the extent they have been valued. At Spotsylvania Karate Soo Bahk Do we seek to instill value and self- confidence in our students. Confidence allows them to be leaders less likely during their developmental years to be led astray by negative peer pressure. We create a positive circle of friends and role models to encourage our students in making good decisions and positive steps in their lives.

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It requires courage to embark on doing anything worth doing in this world. True success is only found when one risks failure. Courage is the brave energy that allows us to face risks, danger, or uncertainty. Our students develop such courage by attempting and achieving new goals which each level of training.


Training in Soo Bahk Do teaches physical, mental, and spiritual endurance. The physical endurance is easy to see, but the development of mental endurance to focus beyond distractions is what allows us to accomplish our goals in life. Spiritual endurance allows us to will ourselves to stick with and work at those things that are worthwhile even when they become difficult. Endurance brings accomplishment and rich, long-lasting relationships.


At Spotsylvania Karate Soo Bahk Do, we strive to make classes fun and enjoyable. Smiling faces and a sense of accomplishment are at the heart of our Soo Bahk Do family. We strive to present the Soo Bahk Do curriculum through classes, clinics, and events that allow for fun, enjoyment, and the sense of achievement.


Soo Bahk Do is an art of lifelong learning. The teachers are still students and developing. It takes dedication to be a good student of the art and more dedication to share the art as a teacher. At Spotsylvania Karate Soo Bahk Do, we emphasize that excellent teaching produces excellent teachers.


At Spotsylvania Karate Soo Bahk Do, we love training and understand that training affordability is a factor. We have teamed up with Spotsylvania County Parks and Rec to keep our program affordable and without long term contracts.